Moisturizers for Dry Skin

As the weather changes, so does our skin. My skin tends to get very dry in the winter months, forcing me to alter my skincare routine. Thankfully, this has lead me to finding some great products that do a good job of hydrating my skin. I’m sure you’ve heard the hype;  Creme de la Mer has gained a…… Continue reading Moisturizers for Dry Skin

The Best Order to Apply Your Skincare Products

Step 1. Cleanse There is no sense in applying topical skincare products onto a dirty face. First, cleanse your face using any gentle, effective cleanser. A great one is Fresh – Soy Face Cleanser which is a cleanser suitable for all skin types. Step 2. Exfoliate As mentioned in Why You Should Exfoliate, exfoliating is extremely important. St. Ives…… Continue reading The Best Order to Apply Your Skincare Products

Best Anti-Aging Products

I recently read our generation is obsessed with self-care. Hey, we’ve had worse reputations, so I’ll take it. I think its great the trend is taking care of yourself. One of the things we seemed to be more concerned with is anti-aging. This is great we are more concentrated on prevention! Because of this, there…… Continue reading Best Anti-Aging Products