Healthy Dessert Ideas

When trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy diet, dessert is important. You don’t want to feel like you’re depriving yourself of all things sweet, as it will just increase the likelihood you overindulge later. But instead of the chocolate cake starring at you in Safeway, you can opt for healthy desserts that don’t ruin all the hard work you put in at the gym earlier. The following healthy desserts are all under 200 calories per serving.


Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

This is a healthy version of chocolate chip ice cream, and you still get the chocolate. Find a frozen yogurt that has minimal ingredients and don’t overload on the chocolate chips. This dessert works best with mini chocolate chips, too.

Banana with Peanut Butter and Coconut Flakes/or Mini Chocolate Chips

Peanut butter AND chocolate? Need I say more? My favorite way to enjoy this snack is to cut the banana long ways,add a peanut butter layer, then sprinkle my ingredient of choice on top. By cutting into with a fork to eat, it feels more like dessert!


For ice cream lovers out there, switching to sorbet can be a game changer. Unlike ice cream, which is cream based, sorbets are water based making them much healthier and they still taste great!

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

This is considered the healthiest dessert one can have. This is due to the immense health benefits of both dark chocolate and almonds. But, be warned, over eating this healthy dessert is easy as a serving size is roughly 4-6 pieces.

Ezekiel Toast with Whipped Cream Cheese and Jam

Ezekiel bread is sprouted whole grain bread with less ingredients then the generic stuff. Opt for non-fat whipped cream cheese and a low ingredient jam.


How to Drink More Water

The amount of water we drink can be seen both internally and externally. But, many find it hard to drink as much as recommended.  It’s recommended you drink 64 ounces daily, more if you workout. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to up your water intake.



Fruit Infused Water

Adding fruit to your water is a great way to add some flavor. There are many combinations of fruit you can try. Some popular ones are: strawberry and lemon, lemon and cucumber, or strawberry and blueberry.

Another way of getting flavored water is buying it. Careful when it comes to this as many brands are filled with artificial sugars and preservatives. A great flavored water is hint water. This water has zero sweeteners, preservatives, calories or GMOs. You can buy them in bulk at Costco, so you always have some ready to go!

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water goes great with dinner. It is so easy to convince yourself this stuff is soda, especially if you buy the kind that comes in a can. Flavored sparkling water is also zero calories, and doesn’t have any added sweeteners or preservatives.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is super hydrating, which is why it is often recommended after workouts.


Most fruits have tons of water in them. We’re talking to you: strawberries, watermelon, grapes, celery, and pineapple. So if you add some fruit to your day not only are you getting the vitamins and minerals, but you’re also getting some H2O!

Do This One Thing to Lose Weight

Losing weight is just as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical one. Because our mentality plays such a big role in fitness, you can often trick your mind into helping you deliver the results your after. For example, when using smaller plates, less food looks like more, and you actually eat less. By tricking your mind, you’re able to alter your behavior, like eat less. But that’s not all, there is one thing you can do daily that is proven to help you lose weight.


Weigh yourself daily!

By doing this, you are triggering your self-regulatory process.  This in turn, can promote a behavioral change. If you weigh yourself every morning, you are more likely to make better dietary and exercise decisions later. Now, of course I was originally nervous to promote this. I would never encourage someone to be obsessed with a number on a scale. But, numerous studies have proven this works. Those that weighed themselves daily lose more weight than those who did not.


Studies Show THIS is the Key to Happiness

What most people want in life is to be “happy”. Some believe earning more money, losing weight, or getting married are what will make them happy. But what can you do to really make you happy?

Studies show that happiness is strongly linked to gratitude. When asking people why they are happy they typically say because of family, friends, and for just being alive. They are simply grateful for what they have.


If you live your life gratefully, constantly counting your blessings, your quality of life increases. It’s hard to not be happy when you’re constantly reminding yourself of how fortunate you are. If you incorporate a grateful moment every day, you’ll be happier overall.

Do this one thing every day to live a happier life:

Take one moment every morning to say something you’re grateful for. 

I hope you give this a try and I hope you notice a positive difference. I strongly believe that you can always find something to be grateful for!


10 Skin Care Hacks You Should Know

I used to spend tons of money on the most prestigious skin care brands. I believed that I would get what I was paying for. And while many expensive products do work as well as they claim, there are also many other, cheaper products that work just as well. By learning about these “dupes” or “hacks” I’ve saved a lot of money on my skin care routine.

  1. Get hydrated and glowing skin. Keep your skin hydrated throughout the day using rose water.
  2. Use coconut oil as an anti-aging and moisturizing night cream. Coconut oil is a great for many things. Some people use it as makeup remover, others as deep conditioner for hair. I like to use it as a moisturizer for my cheeks and neck.
  3. To get rid of under eye dark circles use a coffee and coconut oil mix. Mix two tbsp of coffee and two tbsp of coconut oil and apply under your eyes and massage it for three to four minutes.
  4. Get long and thick eyelashes and eyebrows. Castor oil has been proven to stimulate hair growth and strength.
  5. Try a DIY moisturizing and brightening eye cream of coconut oil and vitamin e oil. 
  6. Exfoliate the eye area with toner on a cotton pad to remove milia.
  7. Promote eyelash growth without any product. Brushing your eyelashes with a clean spoolie promote eyelash growth.
  8. Don’t wash your face in the mornings. Instead, splash cold water on it to wake yourself up. Leave those natural oils!
  9. Don’t exfoliate your body daily. Don’t use loofas – opt for washcloths instead. Lufas are too harsh on your body.
  10. Don’t wear makeup everyday. This isn’t so much a ‘hack’ as it’s just skin care advice. You’re skin will improve with a day or two a week when it gets a day off and time to breathe.



What I Eat in a Day

Many ask what one should eat in a day. Of course, every day is different. But, as a person who likes to stick to routine, there are consistencies in my diet that I credit to helping me stay on track.

7:30 AM

I start every morning with coffee. I use SO Delicious Coconut Creamer in French Vanilla. You can purchase this creamer at many grocery stores such as Target and Whole Foods.

8:00 AM

Most mornings, I’ll drink 16 oz. of water filled with chia seeds, flax seeds, and hemp seeds, the seed mix (found here). I let it sit overnight, the chai seeds get larger and soft. This ‘water’ is full of nutrients. I sip it while getting ready for work and it’s a great start to my day.

Other mornings I’ll do a protein shake or green smoothie. I try to start with something light and healthy.

9:30 AM

After walking to work I get hungry again and will typically reach for greek yogurt and granola. If I can’t find that in the work fridge I’ll reach for the Urban Remedy Steel Cut Oatmeal. Both are super filling!

12:30 PM

Lunch is always different. Sometimes I’ll have a salad (Asian chicken is my favorite), a protein box from Starbucks, or a sandwich. I am too lazy to pack a lunch so I usually go to whatever is close to work and cheap. I always try to stay on the healthy side!

3:30 PM

I try to stick to fruit and nuts for this snack. By now, I’ve typically consumed a little over 1000 calories and I don’t want to eat too much before my big dinner later.

6:30 PM

Dinner time! I have about five go to dinner recipes. I usually make a bowl of some kind. It may be a taco salad (ground turkey), a chicken and quinoa bowl, or salmon and veggies. I always have a green smoothie with dinner which helps me reach that full feeling.

8:00 PM

I finish every night off with a cup of chamomile tea with a hint of honey and a chocolate protein bar. I try to stick to lower calorie bars like Think Thins fiber protein bar (150 calories).

I find this tends to bring me to around 1600 calories which is my usual goal when working out. Of course, I eat out with friends and drink once or twice a week where I go over this caloric goal which is why I try to be more modest other nights.



10 Makeup Hacks You Need to Know

I am as lazy as they get when it comes to makeup. I like to be quick, and I like to be cheap. Due to this laziness, I’ve learned numerous ‘hacks’ that have made my makeup routine quicker and much less costly. Here are my top 10 ‘need to know’ makeup hacks:

  1. Use bronzer as your eyeshadow base. This is great for when traveling and trying to limit what you bring. This also looks very natural since it ties in with your cheeks.
  2. Instead of false eyelashes use baby powder. Coat your eyelashes in baby powder between mascara sweeps to increase volume.
  3. Don’t waste money on primers. The reasons primers work, is because they are moisturizing. If you just apply your moisturizer before make up, you’ll get the same lasting benefits. (Note: this does not apply to eyeshadow primer, though I have used concealer as an eyelid primer and it worked great!)
  4. Clean makeup brushes with baby shampoo. This works great and is a fraction of the cost of other brush cleansers.
  5. Remove lipstick stains on clothes using rubbing alcohol.
  6. Put nail polish in the fridge for ten minutes before use. This thickens the polish and it goes on much smoother. It acts more like a gel this way (less chipping).
  7. Add two drops of contact solution to bring old mascara back to life. 
  8. When lazy, use micellar water on a cotton pad as your cleansing routine. Many people swear by this and do it every night instead of using face cleanser. Micellar water is great for your skin so after a long day or night, after you’ve removed your make up (perhaps using a make up remover wipe), put some micellar water on a cotton pad and rub it over your face.
  9. Dilute rose water to get it to last long. Set make up with rose water. When I buy rose water, I put half in an older bottle and fill the rest with water. By diluting the solution, I still get all the benefits and it lasts me twice as long! My favorite uses are as primer, makeup setting spray, and moisturizing mists throughout the day.
  10. Add moisturizer to foundation to lighten it up for winter months. I know so many people that purchase winter and summer foundations. By adding a small amount of moisturizer, you can control the color and don’t need to buy two!

Thanks for reading and I hope these hacks work for you! Comment your makeup hacks below, I’d love to give them at try!